Ignite Performance & Thrive

The 4 Key Areas to Live a Fit, Inspired Life

At Inrive, we believe that optimal health and fitness is the key to living the best life ever. We all have light burning inside each of us and we need the inspiration to let that light shine. We serve fitness enthusiasts who demand more because they know living fit and inspired cultivates an amazing life for them as well as those they serve. What’s in a name?…

in·rive /inˈrīv/ verb.

  • To be inspired to thrive [derived from the words “inspire”(meaning to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something) and “thrive” (meaning to prosper; flourish)].
  • To make whole, mend or complete [derived from the words “in” (meaning not) and “rive” (meaning to split apart)].
  • Yes, we made up this word and its definition, but we love it and we hope that you are ready to inspire, rise and thrive in your life.

The logo is your candle or your torch that you carry in life. There is a light burning inside all of us. We just need the inspiration to rise above our challenges and let that light shine and thrive. Get inspired and take your candle and go light your world.

As the name implies, Inrive exists to inspire others to rise above challenges, thrive in life and live fit, inspired lives that are the greatest that can be lived. This is accomplished through a series of life-improvement publications, products, courses and events that include these divisions:

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