We live in a time where there’s more opportunity than ever, yet people are more out of shape (physically & mentally) than ever before with obesity, depression & obesity-related diseases at their highest levels of all time.

Corporations market processed, sugar-loaded foods & drinks to us, especially our youth, leading to future weight gain, diabetes & health issues.

We are on a mission to impact this crisis, and ignite the change we wish to see in the world by providing healthy food & drink products that youth athletes (& adults) LOVE!

With a delicious taste, along with nutrient-dense, science-backed ingredients, these products not only
taste great, but also optimize health, performance & longevity.

Changing the world does not happen alone. It does not happen at once. It takes a committed group to be the change.


Ready to live fit, ignite change & make an impact? Share a fun picture of you, your family or friends using an Inrive product and we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to a family or child in need!

Simply, upload your photo through the form below or on one of our social media accounts and let us know through the form below, and choose the cause you wish to support. We’ll send you a picture back showing you the impact you made!

Ignite Change: Choose Your Cause!

  • The Gift of Nutrition

    (No Kid Hungry)

  • The Gift of Health

    (Operation Smile)

  • The Gift of Fitness

    (Wounded Warriors)

We believe that everyone has the right to live a fit, fulfilled life, so we are on a mission to make a positive impact on 10,000,000 lives around the world.

Following the Buy 1, Fund 1 model, for every
product sold, we fund an entrepreneurial organization providing healthy options to families or children in need.

The organizations we support are making an incredible difference in the world – helping people, primarily children and young adults, rise above their challenges to achieve their dreams through nutrition, sports, health and fitness.

For nutrition, these include organizations and entrepreneurs providing healthy food for those in need in their community. 

For health, these include organizations and entrepreneurs providing health solutions that transform lives and restore smiles to children in need.

For sports and fitness, these include organizations & entrepreneurs who transform lives for underprivileged, developmentally disabled or wounded through sport and fitness.

The categories will stay the same. The organizations will change. The current options include:

For nutrition & child hunger, through No Kid Hungry, each purchase provides a healthy meal for a child or family in need. 

For health, through Operation Smile, each purchase helps fund an operation to restore smiles to children in need.

For sports and fitness, through the Wounded Warrior Project, each purchase helps fund the physical health and adaptive sports program for Wounded Warriors.

Know someone or a group in need of assistance? Nominate them.

We support initiatives that enhance health & performance and help children and young adults rise above their challenges to achieve their dreams. If you know of an individual group, cause or organization in need of assistance, please let us know.