Thanks again for your interesting in helping to bring delicious, nutritious products to the world!

  • We’re about to embark on the large-scale production run, so to fund that, we’ve partnered with Honeycomb Credit, a company that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to raise capital through crowdsourced lending.
  • This offering is based a 12.75% annual interest rate as part of the crowdsourced three year loan, with 6 months interest only and the remaining 30 months being principal and interest payments amortized over the 30 months, paid back with interest to investors
    quarterly. We’ve had a lot of questions. The video below will answer many of the questions and we’ve added additional answers below the video.
  • You can access the official investment offering on the Honeycomb site here.

Answers to questions are here:

Q. Is this like Kickstarter or GoFundMe?

A. No. The only thing this has in common with those is that they also involve crowdfunding, but with Kickstarter you get rewards and GoFundMe is more like a donation. This is not a donation. With an investment on the Honeycomb platform, it is an investment to a for-profit business, so you should expect to get your money back, plus interest.

Q. When will the products be ready? What is the shelf life?
& how will you be marketing and selling them? Do have plans to sell in retail locations?

A. We are finalizing the exact dates with our manufacturers, but at this point, it looks like the grain-free granola will be live on our website by November or December, and on Amazon around the start of the new year, and expanding to niche online health retailers, such as Thrive Market in 2024. The performance protein bar should be live on our site by March and live on Amazon in April and niche online retailers in 2024. The shelf life is 12 months. We also plan to sell bulk orders to corporations for events, healthy vending and through concession stands.
We’ve been a part of a start-up incubator to follow best practices. From our events and taste tests, we have an email list of those ready to buy the products when they are live. In addition, we have partnered with the world’s top Amazon PPC Agency to run the online sales campaign, to optimize the online ads and ad spend to drive the online sales. We’re also exploring partnerships with influencers. We will utilize both Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), and are using a third party
logistics company to fulfill the products sold over our website. At this point, we plan to optimize direct to consumer sales via our website and sell via Amazon and online health retailers to reach $100,000 per month. At that point, we will explore the proper path to expand to retail. Throughout this process, we continue to receive helpful input from our strategic advisors who have scaled and sold CPG businesses for 9 figures.

Q. Can you share the ingredients and the nutrition fact panel for the products?

A. Certainly, the Granola packaging with the ingredients and NFPs are in this folder and the bar’s NFP is here.

Q. How do your products stand out in the market? How are they unique or different from top sellers?

A. It would be way too long to provide the full answer here. The short version is we searched all over to try to find nutritious products that met our healthy criteria with a taste and texture that student athletes loved, and they simply did not exist. For the full side by side
comparison of our products vs. top selling products by other brands, see the product comparison matrix here.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum I can invest? Do I have to be an accredited investor? What’s the 5k and 10k Club?

A. We’d certainly love to have you part of this project at any investment level. Honeycomb allows investments starting at $100, and the investments for this campaign can go up to $10,000. You do not have to be an accredited investor for this. To invest with Honeycomb, just like any investment, you will be required to verify your identity. Any U.S. citizen, age 18 and over can invest up to $2,500. To invest above $2,500, Honeycomb will ask you to self-report income and net worth at checkout, as you are able to invest up to 5% of the greater of your annual income or net worth. To explain our 5K and 10K club, we are not taking on equity investment at this point, but after we hit the million-dollar run rate, we likely will. We have a short list of advisors who will hear about that opportunity before the public, and now, those who invest in this offering at the $5,000 or above level would be added to that list along with access (for a member of their family or organization) to a 1-on-1 diagnostic call, and our peak performance program to improve sleep, cognitive abilities, reduce stress & improve overall health & performance, and the $10,000 level receives all of that, plus executive performance coaching with personalized protocols & accountability. This is over a $10,000 value. Again, we are happy to have you involved at any level.

Q. Do you have the financials on this?

A. Yes, it’s all on the prospectus. The official offering page on the Honeycomb site links to the offering doc on with all the financials. At this point, we’ve only had small production runs to provide taste tests and event samples, so this campaign is to raise the funds for the large production run. For a short answer and rough summary here, the approximate cost of the inventory run is $200,000. The estimated retail price of the products is roughly $500,000. There of course are other fees for online selling and shipping, thus leaving an estimated ‘worst case’ profit of $60,000. This loan is backed by the inventory and the assets of the business, and in addition, Patrick (with a 785 credit score) has a personal guarantee behind it.

Q. How do the payments back to investors work?

 A. This investment offering is managed by Honeycomb, a funding portal regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. The investment is based on a 12.75% annual interest rate. The payments are made quarterly to investors. The first 6 months are interest only. Then, the remaining payments are amortized over the remaining 30 months, so the first two quarterly payments are interest only payments, and the remaining 10 are principal and interest payments. Therefore, this is not a 12.75% annual return on the initial balance over three years since there is not a balloon payment at the end, but rather, since the balance is being paid back by principal and interest for the 30 payments, it is a 12.75% annual interest rate on the balance owed. To further explain, the full payment and amortization schedule is shown here.

See the Deal Summary tab and the Potential Investment Earnings slide on the official investment offering on the Honeycomb site here for more details.

Q. This is a good return for investors, but seems like a high cost of capital for you all. Is it worth it?

A. Yes, we certainly have much lower costs of capital we are using as well, but since we’ve truly had so many people in our community get behind this, and ask how they could be involved, we thought this would be a great way to do it. Plus, we figured the higher cost of capital was worth it have investors who would be more likely to involved in sharing
the product launch. We’ve had so many people involved – from taste tests to input on the logo and packaging, this was our way of having our supporters also receive a financial return.


 …so we know that was a lot, but hopefully that helped to address your questions.

Thank you again for your support!

p.s. Again, can invest at the official investment offering on the Honeycomb site here.

Also, you can join the launch team to hear about product launch parties, discounts and specials here, and follow the social sites below to follow the journey.